Celebration Galore with Manifold Happenings at 9th Annual Global Organisation of Tamil Origin Meet

  • 6th- 7th of Jan 2023
  • @Chennai

Global Organisation of Tamil Origin Meet, the prestigious event where Tamils from all over the world unite to celebrate the rich heritage of Tamil Nadu, galore with Cultural Events, MSME – B2B Meet, Exhibition, World Tamil Parliament & the most pompous occasion of Edison Film Awards – Symbol of procuring and awarding impeccable talents in Tamil film industry is all set to be conducted simultaneously on 6th and 7th of January 2023.

The GOTO & WTCC have meticulously planned the events in such a way that the people are sure to be left spellbound with the flamboyant manner in which the festival is about to take place. As the festival centralizes on the congregation of Tamil People, the organisation has invited over more than 1000 Tamils from 50 countries to take part and grace the occasion with their presence in this momentous event.

The festival will be held under the guidance of Tamil Nadu Government and Tamil Development Department. The event will be an Anthology of Art, Culture, Traditional Food and significantly the “Edison Tamil Cinema Awards” will also be held in this festival. More than a thousand people, notably comprising of prominent Members of Tamil Legislative Assembly, Members of Parliament, State and Union Ministers, Chief Ministers, Governors, Mayors, Educationists, Businessmen are all slated to attend this event. In order to find native Tamils spread all over the world and gather them at one place and to expand the roots of our rich cultural relations, the Tamil entrepreneurs will be setting up an Exhibition (EXPO) and MSME Meet (B2B) to showcase their products and market them efficiently, with the aim of being the forerunner for the development of the Tamil community.

Honoring the World Tamil Achievers, Legendary Awards of Sadhanai Tamilan Award, Thalai Nimirndha Tamilian Award , Nallasaan Award & Ulaga Tamilan Virudhu wiould be given in this event.

To make sure no stone is left unturned, the organisation has made arrangements for the domestic and foreign Tamil parliamentarians to participate in the event & to carry out the program through Online in-case couldn’t meet directly with unforeseen circumstances.

The Tamil community consisting of 152 Tamil parliamentarians in 12 countries is working with the supervision of Tamil Nadu Government to help Tamils to flourish in all fields.

Heeding to the request of Tamils around the world, the organisation orchestrated the 15th Edition of Tamil Film Awards to be held concurrently in this event. Mr. Selvakumar, President of the Global Organisation of Tamil Origin said, the Tamil Films released between January 2022 and December 2022 will be awarded accordingly by evaluating the online voting of the Tamil people.


  • 17th - 18th June 2022
  • @Tidel Park, Chennai

International Tamil Information Technology Research Conference (ITITRC) - the Conference established by GOTO, to aid IT Students with access to knowledge, benefit working professionals, guide, increase guidance, and help job seekers, employers, and employees improve their standards and seek better opportunities and learning experiences. The event primarily aims is to recognize student’s innovations as entrepreneurs, and also to facilitate industry-based employment awareness and search engines on Tamil language-based software development.

In the daily scenario, a situation has arisen where the dependency on web applications and the internet is obligatory. E-Commerce software is essential in all sectors to help people live in secure cyberspace in the present environment. Thus, we are imperative to compose and generate safe cyberspace to help protect the present generation and the generations to come.

The Proximity of 35% of South Indians in the world is IT professionals. We are all amazed to have so many Tamilians as CEOs in many companies in the field of Information Technology. We strongly aim to increase the contribution of our Tamils in this field and hope to create benchmarks, the same is to be discussed by the various departments expecting new discoveries in the fields. For more details, log on to

8th Annual Global Organisation of Tamil Origin Meet rescheduled to 11th & 12th March 2022

  • 11th & 12th Jan 2022
  • @ Chennai

Our Organisations, Global Organisation of Tamil Origin (GOTO) & World Tamil Chamber of Commerce has planned to conduct ‘8th Annual Global Organisation of Tamil Origin Meet @ Chennai on 11th & 12th March 2022; elated in beautifying the event with different sessions – World Tamil Parliament, Valarum Thamizhagam Exhibition, Tamil Originated Cultural programs, Sadhanai Tamilan Awards, Fabulous Femine Awards & the most pompous occasion of Edison Awards Ceremony. Worldwide Entrepreneurs, Educationalists, Vice- Chancellors & Tamil Legends makes their esteem presence.

The inaugural event of WORLD TAMIL PARLIAMENT has been planned on 11th March 2022 inviting Various Tamil parliamentarians, Worldwide Tamil Federal Ministers & MPs.

Selvakumar, the President of GOTO, said that the aim was to bring in politically influential Tamils from all countries, claiming to be the ruling Tamils. The festival is to be co-hosted by members of the World Tamil Parliament, including members of the Tamil Parliament from 12 countries, in conjunction with the 8th Annual Global Organisation of Tamil Origin Meet with the support of Ministry of Tamil Development and Industry, Government of Tamil Nadu. This event is to be held for the benefit of all Tamils all over the world through businessmen and industry experts in Tamil Nadu.

6th Annual World Tamilar Festival

  • 11th & 12th Jan 2020
  • @Kalaivanar Arangam, Chennai

Our Organization, World Tamil Chamber of Commerce (WTCC) & Global Organisation of Tamil Origin has planned to conduct ‘6th Annual World Tamilar Festival’ @Kalaivanar Arangam, Chennai on 11th & 12th Jan 2020.

We are elated in beautifying the event with different sessions - Art & Culture, Tamil Music Fest, Tamil Recitation, Tamil Originated Cultural programs of Food fest, Sadhanai Tamilan Award Ceremony etc., Moreover, we are invitingWorldwide Tamil Entrepreneurs, Educationalists, Vice- Chancellors, Industrialists, Scientists & more than Thousands of Tamil Legends for their esteem presence.

An exclusive session has been planned for Education in which Indian & International Vice Chancellors makes their esteem presence. Enhancing Tamil Innovative Education among Students, we have planned for ‘TAMIL INTERNET CONFERENCE’ in which Students innovations will be exhibited & discussed in the Conference.