Outshining are the tamilians in the world platform; To add beauty to this, for our generation all around the world to know about the field expertise, about the growth that they have achieved in their concerned field and also about the experiences that they gained in the process, the Global organisation of Tamil Origin is lending a helping hand with this wonderful aim of bringing out the achievementsof tamilians.


The Global organisation of Tamil Origin is working with a aim that all tamilians must be educated. In order for money not to be an hinderance for our people all around the world to pursue education and also for those who are unable to pursue education because of family circumstances, the educated and professors from private universities who serve as the protectors of the Global organisation of the Tamil Origin have been appointed with the purpose of education being given through educational institutions. This does not stop here but with the help of retired professors steps have been taken for classes to be conducted through video conferencing /classes. To continue, for our students to receive experience in medical studies arrangements have been made with the professors from different countries to take video classes.

Not only that the world Tamil university has enabled through digital media for our students to learn engineering /medical lessons which are in other languages to be translated into Tamil for better understanding.


In order for Tamilians residing in foreign countries and also for our generation to come to an knowledge about the various arts and cultural traditions that originated from our forefathers like Bharatanatayam, Mayilattam or peacock dance, Oyilattam, Kolattam, Karakam, Art of Self Defence, Silambam, Sports depicting bravery like Jallikattu... Visualizing and also conducting programs in connection with this has been overtaken by the Global Organisation of Tamil Origin.